Successful hydrogen generator trials for HS2


A HS2 construction site in London has successfully held trials for two zero emissions hydrogen fuel cell based electricity generators.

On 21 July, HS2 announced that over the past year, two GeoPura 250kVA hydrogen power units (HPUs) had been trialled at its Victoria Road Crossover Box in Ealing. The units served as a direct replacement for diesel generators, powering the machinery on site, and helped to cut carbon and improve air quality for workers and the local community.

The units were found to produce the required energy to power equipment needed for site operations. They have power capabilities between 20kW to 2Mw and use 100% green hydrogen. Data found that running the units for 400 hours eliminated 51 tonnes of carbon compared to using standard diesel generators, with the units also proving quieter and their only emission being water “so clean it’s drinkable”. A hydrogen tube trailer and hydrogen cannisters were used to fuel the generators.

Andrew Cunningham, GeoPura Managing Director, explained that their units are “particularly valuable in inner city sites” given how they are able to reduce the CO2 impact of the works, eliminate NOx particulate and noise emissions, ensuring the site can be made into a “better neighbour in the local community”.