UK-based company looks to convert ICE vehicles to hydrogen


Caigan Vehicle Technologies has launched a new hydrogen fuel cell convertor for internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

On 26 August – reported by H2 View – the UK-based company said its engineers can replace traditional combustion engines with a complete hydrogen fuel cell power system. The process involves the existing engine and fuel systems being removed, with a hydrogen storage thank then retrofitted, along with a fuel cell to convert the hydrogen gas to electricity, a traction battery and an electric drive motor.

It will allow fleet managers to upgrade vehicles to cut emissions and meet net zero targets.

Steve Turner, Caigan Vehicle Technologies MD, said: “Hydrogen fuel cell technology isn’t a compromise or a half measure. Fuel cells only emit water vapour and a little heat, so harmful tailpipe emissions are zero. The most polluting vehicles can drive into our workshop and drive out with no emissions at all. The latest fuel cell cars actually clean the air as they drive which is a game-changer for the environment”