UK gets first hydrogen electric truck


The first hydrogen fuel cell supported heavy goods vehicle (HGV) to be manufactured, designed and mass produced in the UK has been launched.

On 30 June, Tevva unveiled its hydrogen electric vehicle alongside its latest full-battery electric HGV at the Road Transport Expo in Warwickshire. With hydrogen having been used safely in buses and other vehicles in over 20 countries for a number of years now, Tevva explained that its higher energy density compared to lithium-ion batteries, or even diesel, makes it particularly attractive for use in larger, commercial vehicles.

Adding a hydrogen fuel cell system to its battery-electric HGV design means Tevva can now deliver a solution that’s both zero emission and works for a majority of fleet operators, across a range of industries and sectors. It works by topping up the battery, extending the vehicle’s range and allowing the truck to carry heavier loads over longer distances. 

By using the fuel cell as a range extended, rather than a primary source of power, also enables Tevva to provide smaller, cheaper and lighter fuel cells, operating them at the highest possible efficiency.

It further outlined how its 7.5 tonne hydrogen electric truck comfortably meets and exceeds demanding duty cycles for almost all urban and extra-urban use cases. This means that customers can drive for longer, with a range of up to 310 miles referenced, and be reassured because of the technology’s reliability and safety. When it comes to refuelling, hydrogen refuelling takes a similar time to diesel truck refuelling – between 5-20 minutes – with the dual-use of both battery electric and hydrogen energy sources helping to futureproof Tevva and its customers as the transition away from fossil fuels gathers pace and decarbonisation of the transport industry continues.