UK set for first renewable hydrogen project using food waste


BayoTech and IBMS Group have joined forces to launch the UK’s first renewable hydrogen project using biomethane from food waste as feedstock.

Announced on 24 May, the project will produce 1,000kg of renewable hydrogen a day, fuelling zero emission vehicles in the regions of London and Surrey. Biomethane will be produced from food waste at IBMS’ multi-purpose eco-facility, before then being converted into renewable hydrogen using BayoTech’s on-site hydrogen generation technology. The system is due to come online during the first half of 2022.

The companies outlined how adoption of a regional hydrogen production and distribution model can see unnecessary costs, storage and transportation all reduced, resulting in a significantly lower carbon footprint overall when compared to traditional models and electrolyser systems. In future phases of the project, carbon capture will be introduced, taking it from carbon neutral to carbon negative.

After the initial project’s launch next year, the companies are aiming to roll out further projects across multiple UK locations, creating a national network of carbon negative hydrogen production facilities.