UK warned its falling behind on hydrogen


The government has been urged to form a UK-wide hydrogen strategy by over 40 companies, who are planning to invest £1.5bn into hydrogen projects across the country.

Writing to Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, on 16 June, Hydrogen Strategy Now called for urgent measures to be brought forward to form a strategy, warning that otherwise, the UK risks falling behind other countries in developing a domestic hydrogen industry. The group, which includes Orsted, EDF, Siemens and Vattenfall, cited Australia, Japan, South Korea, Canada and China as all having ambitious hydrogen strategies, while nothing Germany recently set out a €9bn plan of its own.

The letter further highlighted that the European Commission is creating an EU hydrogen strategy, one that includes plans for multi-billion-euro investment in hydrogen projects and increase hydrogen electric vehicle sales. With the global industry set to be worth $2.5tn (£2tn) by 2050, supporting up to 30mn jobs, the group said it was clear hydrogen will play an “essential role” in the world’s future low carbon economy.

They requested a meeting with Sunak and his officials to further discuss the opportunities that would exist in a UK-wide hydrogen economy. These include the creation and sustaining of hundreds of thousands of high-skilled, green jobs across the country, drive progress to net zero and improve air qualities in towns and cities. It would also secure private investment, unlock export opportunities for products and skills, and increase the country’s energy security by making fuller use of the UK’s natural resources.

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