University releases tender for hydrogen train


The University of St Andrews has released details on Public Contracts Scotland for a £2.74mn tender to design, install and demonstrate a hydrogen train.

Issued on 28 September, the 12-month project will look to deliver the full integrated design and installation of the first-generation drivetrain. This hydrogen train will undergo trials to assess any modifications do not present risks for use on operational railways. Objectives of the hydrogen train project including proving Scotland has the capability of modifying an existing item of rolling stock to install hydrogen fuel cell batteries and control equipment.

It is also aiming to work with regulatory bodies, develop the necessary standards and controls for the use of hydrogen fuel cell power on passenger rolling stock, and provide educational institutions with the opportunity to develop their skills and advance their knowledge of hydrogen fuel cell technology in the rail industry.

Other objectives are informing the passenger rail policy for Independently Powered Multiple Unit use on the Scottish passenger rail network in advance of the zero emission requirement for 2035 on Scotland’s passenger railway; demonstrate to the Team Scotland rail community through practical application the operation of hydrogen fuel cell passenger rolling stock; and provide the supply chain with the opportunity to develop their skills and advance their knowledge of the application of hydrogen fuel cell technology on passenger rolling stock including hydrogen supply and refuelling infrastructure.