Victrex calls for likes of chemicals industries to have hydrogen network access


Victrex has called on the UK government to help support access to future hydrogen networks, set to be key to helping companies and the UK hit climate targets.

On 20 January, Victrex – a world leader in polymer solutions – explained it wants to tap into UK hydrogen networks to support a 2030 carbon net zero goal. As a major UK exporter, serving the aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy and industry, and medical end markets, it explained that such access could give it a competitive advantage, before more broadly calling on government to ensure high-tech industries such as chemicals are able to access hydrogen networks.

It noted how there are several hydrogen clusters already being proposed in the UK, including one in Cheshire, but there are no links to major chemical and defence industry companies in parts of Lancashire. It is therefore also asking for greater collaboration between those involved in developing future hydrogen clusters around the UK, making sure key industries are not left behind, and for a way to use alternative fuels such as hydrogen that manufacturing industries can consider in their future investment plan.

Jakob Sigurdsson, Victrex Chief Executive, said: “We’ve explained to ministers that a number of key industries in the UK like Chemicals and Defence could be left behind unless they are able to access future hydrogen grids. It’s vital that we can utilise alternative fuels and can start to consider their potential in our own investment plans before grids are developed.”