World’s first multimodal hydrogen refuelling station opens


CMB.TECH has opened the first multimodal hydrogen refuelling station in the world in Antwerp, as well as launching a hydrogen truck.

On 3 June, it outlined how the station will produce green hydrogen to power ships, tube trailers, cars, trucks and buses. It has been located at the Port House in Antwerp due to its proximity to both the city and port, meaning it can supply hydrogen to as many industrial applications on the port as possible, while still being easily accessible to the general public. The hydrogen truck is the first dual fuel truck to run on hydrogen with the technology use feasible, affordable and green, something that will allow conversion of different applications in the short-term and kickstart emission reductions in the logistics sector.

As well as the refuelling station, the site includes two trailer docks which can have ecologically produced hydrogen pumped into them to supply port applications developed by CMB.TECH with hydrogen. Additionally, there are a number of ultra-fast charging stations for electric cars with charging times of less than 15 minutes.

CMB.TECH drew on the launch of Hydroville in 2017 – the world’s first hydrogen-powered passenger ship – which gave impetus to its commitment to hydrogen solutions for industrial and maritime applications. To date, Hydroville has been supplied with hydrogen by a tube trailer but will now be able to refuel in Antwerp, along with CMB.TECH’s other hydrogen applications.